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Avatar Photo Shoot

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Welcome to the world of Avatar Photography!

An avatar photo is a digital representation of yourself or your alter ego, which can be used for various purposes such as online profiles, social media pages, websites, for placement onto tangible products such as a shirt and more.

Avatar photography has been rapidly growing lately, and it's easy to see why. It provides a unique way of expressing oneself, allowing individuals to create a digital persona that represents their personality, interests, and even their dreams.

The process of creating an avatar in Meta Horizon Worlds is simple and your avatar is customizable. Different types of accessories and clothing has been added recently as well, making it easy to change when you're going to the club, on a date, or simply just to hang out with friends.

One of the coolest features of avatar photography is the ability to create your dream self. You can choose to be whoever you want to be. 

Another great feature of avatar photography is the ability to create a series of images that tell a story, such as SadomorrahVR does with his virtual comic books. You can create a series of images that showcase different aspects of your avatar's life, from their hobbies and interests to their adventures and travels. This is a great way to share your creativity and imagination with others.

Avatar photography can also be a fun way to create a unique and memorable gift for a loved one. You can take group photos with your Meta Horizon World friends or take photos with your Metaboo. 

If you're looking for a way to capture your virtual identity in a stunning, high-quality, creative photograph, Look no further than this photography service in the metaverse!

From classic headshots to full-body portraits, we can capture every angle of your avatar, allowing you to share your digital self with the world. 

Let's celebrate you're unique virtual identity, pick your package below, and we'll contact you to set up a date & time for your photo shoot. All photo shoots take place at the ToBePreneur Hub in Meta Horizon Worlds. Let's capture the magic of your avatar in the metaverse.  


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10 Photo Package

3 Poses



20 Photos

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30 Photos

7 Poses



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