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Recommended Tools & Resources

There are so many tools and resources that I have discovered and used along my online entrepreneurship journey. And if you've been on that journey too, then I'm sure you've bumped into many yourself. 

Some were useless, some were complicated, but some were fun and made my journey easier. 

Therefore, I created this page to share those fun ones with you. Those that I found to have made my journey easier, in hopes that it would do the same for you. Its because of some of these resources that I can say, I know how to create a website, a blog, online memberships, digital products such as e-books and more. 

I will never claim to be a pro at any of this stuff but these tools and resources have made it all easier to learn in one way or another.

The following are my personal recommended tools and resources, all of which I personally use myself. So keeping up with the reason I started ToBePreneur.com to begin with, I simply had to create a page where I could share such tools with you.


Website & Funnel Builder

I used many website builders and a few funnel builders along my journey and of course, you can too. But Groove.cm is an all-in-one digital marketing platform, and is the one I highly recommend the most. 

Get Groove.cm

E-Book Creator

The eBook creator I use is called Sqribble, a cloud based eBook creator tool and versatile. It's a flipbook creator too, comes with many templates, professional looking page layouts, and its drag & drop design makes it super simple to use.

Get Sqribble


Creating my own little cartoon shows for my children is something I like to do. I checked out a few tools out there to assist me in creating such shows when I found VidToon. I find that this tool really makes it super simple to create animations. 

Try it out!


There are loads of books that I would recommend and do recommend to many but here I will list 3 of the best ones to start off with. ToBePreneur.com will list way more than just these in the coming months but I just want to make sure you start it off with the right ones. Enjoy! 


Traffic Secrets

Getting traffic to your website, funnels, or offers may sound like an easy task to some but it's pretty challenging for most. This book helped provide me with the knowledge I needed to get the traffic I wanted to my offers and more. 

Send me a free copy!

Expert Secrets

This book will show you how to convert your online visitors into lifelong customers. This book also thought me that you do not have to be an Expert to be an Expert! 

Send me a free copy!

Dotcom Secrets

This book is also known as the "Underground Playbook for Growing your Business." - That says it all!  

Send me a free copy!


I've entered a few challenges for purposes of self-educating myself and throughout these challenges I have not only found myself having so much fun but I have learned so much! 

So with that said, here is just one of the challenges I definitely recommend that you sign up for now.


One Funnel Away Challenge

This is by all means, the most beneficial and rewarding entrepreneurial challenge I have ever been a part of. I had so much fun participating in this challenge, that I have done so more than once. I recommend that if you're just starting out online or wanting to learn how to build funnels - then you must join this challenge!

Join the challenge!