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Voice Overs for Meta Horizon Worlds


Voiceovers are a powerful tool in Meta Horizon Worlds. Voiceovers bring extra life into your worlds. It provides a more immersive experience for your visitors, making your world more engaging and interactive. Voiceovers can:

  • Provide a narration of your worlds

  • Provide commentaries on activities visitors are participating in

  • Cool & unique sounds

  • Give a voice to characters in your world
    This is a general overview of the potential use of voiceovers in Meta Horizon Worlds, it does not necessarily reflect the current functionality or availability of such feature in Meta Horizon Worlds. 

  • Submit Your Voice Over Request Below

    When submitting your voice over request, please be as descriptive as possible for what it is that you need for your world and include any script, if available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are voiceovers delivered?

    Your voiceover can be recorded inside the world it will be used for, by providing editor access to the voiceover actor performing it. Another option, is to have your voiceover recorded for you in blank world, from which you can later import right into your world.

    Who performs the voiceovers?

    At ToBePreneur.com, voiceovers are performed by a few people, our lead voiceover avatar is Junkloner.

    How will I be contacted about my voiceover recording?

    All communication is done via Meta Quest app, using the username you provide in the form above, unless you note otherwise, in the form.